Yes, when you make a reservation on the website you will receive an email with the confirmation of your booking. If you have any questions about your reservation you can always contact us.
The Renter must pay the rent before the beginning of the rental period to Cura-Car. This is possible with a cash payment to Cura-Car when you receive the Rental Car in Curacao. You can also pay in advance with a bank transfer to RBC account number 8.000.000104826521, Cura-Car rental BV Jongbloed 147 Curacao or to Rabobank number NL37RABO0183629604 Y. Zwaga Vught.
Cura-Car can not assure you upfront that you can keep the Rental Car longer then the time & date in your reservation . But you can always contact us (as soon as possible) with your wish to keep the rental car for a longer period. We will do our best to let you keep the Rental Car or get you an other car if possible.

No, we don't have a mileage limit. Cura-Car offers a free mileage policy for all our rental cars. This means we don't charge any extra cost on the amount of mileage you drive with the rental car. You will have no limit on mileage.

The rates you see on the website are included a Basic Insurance, unlimited mileage, one additional driver and sales tax of 9%.  Besides this Basic Insurance you have to pay a deposit of 300$ in case you make damage to the rental car. If there is no damage after returning the car the deposit of 300$ will be returned to the renter.
You can choose for an All-Risk Insurance (because the Basic Insurance doesn't cover all damages) and only then you pay an extra fee. You are not obligated to get this All-Risk Insurance. It's your own choice if you add any extra's like an All-Risk Insurance, Childseat, Navigation or anything else.
Cura-Car can not assure you there will be another car available in that period. But you can always contact us with your wish for another car and if possible we will change your car to the one you desire.
You can always cancel your reservation. You can just contact us to cancel your reservation. Cura-Car asks you to be so kind to let us know as soon as possible about your cancellation so we can put the car available for other curstomers.
Yes you can, with Cura-Car you don't need a credit card to rent a car.

Cura-Car always offered a free pickup and delivery service.  Unfortunally the airport put a lawsuit against all Car Rentals picking up their customers at the airport. They won, which means from 2016 on no Car Rentals are allowed to pick up there customers at the airport. The Car Rentals will get a huge fine ticket if they break this law.

No worries, Cura-Car opened a grand new office only 2 minutes drive from the airport Hato. You can take a taxi from the airport to our office right around the corner of the airport. At the office you will receive your Rental Car.

When you return your Rental Car you just come to our office and our staff will bring you back to the airport (drop off area close to departures check-in).

The minimum booking lenght for a rental car is two days. We don't have a maximum booking lenght. You can rent the rental car as long as you want.
Yes, you are allowed to drive the rental car with two different drivers but this additional driver has to be mentioned on the rental agreement contract you sign when you receive your rental car. When there is no additional driver mentioned on the contract nobody else is allowed and insured to drive the rental car. When you want more than 2 different drivers to be allowed and insured to drive the rental car you have to get an extra additional insurance for each driver > 2. This Additional Insurance costs 5$ extra per day per extra driver.
You can choose from the categories Budget, Comfort, Luxury or Pickup. We can garantee that you will receive a rental car out of the category you have chosen. When you want a specific car out of that category offcourse you can let us know and if possible we will do our best to get that car available for you.
No, Cura-Car maintains a 100% smoke-free fleet. Any type of smoking (pipe, cigarette, cigar) is prohibited in all vehicles. Customers will get an extra charge if the car smells of smoke when it is returned.
Yes, you can always call Cura-Car if you have problems with the rental car. We will come and help you with any kind of problem. Keep in mind that you are not insured for wheels and glass damages on the rental car. That means the repair and costs of these damages is your responsability. That doesn't mean when you are standing still with a flat tire we won't help you. So feel free to always call us, when we can, we will assiste you with anything. In case we are not able to help you you can call curacao roadservice to come and help you out.
Always call Cura-Car about what happened. We will tell you what to do and offcourse come and assist you at the place of the accident. Remember that you always have to call Curacao Road Service (CRS Tel: ((+5999)199) when you are involved in an accident. CRS will come to make pictures of the place of the accident and the damages on the car(s). CRS gets this information for the insurance so they can take a close look at what caused the accident and whos fault it is. Keep in mind that when you had an accident NEVER move your car to another position. Even if you are on the middle of the road. If you move your car you will not be insured no more and all damages made are for your own costs.
When you step outside of the airport you walk 25 meters straight ahead and you will see a lot of taxi's. You can get one of those taxi and they will bring you to our office just around the corner of the airport. At our office we will be waiting for you.
No, the fuel is not included. The vehicle will be delivered with a certain amount of fuel. The vehicle should be returned to Cura-Car with the same amount of fuel. When the vehicle is returned with less fuel, the difference of fuel will be charged. The refuel charge wil be 17$ per 1/4 tank. Fuel costs are not refundable.
You always have to contact Cura-Car. The vehicle will be rented per day. From the beginning of the contract plus 24 hours. The time time that the renter has received the vehicle is the same time the renter has to return the vehicle to Cura-Car. More than 6 hours will be charged as one day. If your rental car is still available the possibility exist to extend the rental period.
When you have a valid driver's license you can rent a car. Only when the renter has not yet reached the age of 23 you have to pay an Additional Charge for drivers < 23 years. This additional charge costs 5$ per day on top of the rent for the vehicle.
The way of driving is different in every country you travel. The main thing you have to keep in mind is that in Curacao the vehicle that comes from the RIGHT has NO priority, that also applies to a roundabout. But at "some" places they give the vehicle from the right priority. Thats kind of confusing. The best advice is to drive slowely and look in front what the other vehicles do. Be carefull when it rains because the roads will get really slippery in no time.