• Bon Bini na Korsou! (Welcome to Curacao)

    Curaçao belongs to the Leeward Islands located in the Caribean Sea and has a
    tropical climate all year long. The daily temperature is around 31 degrees. It's always summer and the blue sea offers a nice cooling down.

    The surface of Curaçao is approximately 474 km2. The length of the island is around 64 km and the width is 16 km. Curaçao holds around 159,000 inhabitants. There are 40 to 50 different nationalities living on the island, with numerous religions. For example: Africans, Dutch, Jews, Portuguese, Venezuelans, Surinamese and Chinese as well as people from the Middle East, India and other Caribbean islands.

    The first language of Curaçao is Papiamentu, a Creole language in which Spanish, Dutch, English and African languages have been mixed. Dutch is the second official language of the island. Most people speak both Papiamentu and Dutch, while a vast majority also speaks English.

  • beaches

    There are a lot of beautiful beaches at Curacao. You cannot visit them all in one vacation! To make sure you don't miss out on the best beaches we can help you a little bit on the way;

    Blue Bay, Zanzi Jan Thiel, Cas Abou, Porto Mari, Daaibooi, Barbara beach, Mambo Beach Boulevard, Cabana, Playa Lagun & Grote Knip

  • Must See

    You can do a lot of tours and daytrips at Curacao. From riding buggies to romantic sunset boattrips. Choices enough but make sure you make a visit to;

    Christoffelberg, Shete Boka Nature Park, The Blue Room & Klein Curacao.

  • Nightlife

    Everywhere around the island you can find the K-pasa. It's a sort of newspaper with all the things to do in that certain week. Every week a new K-pasa comes out. You can find where the happy hours are, where you can get discounts or for example where the party is at. You can also visit www.k-pasa.com. In curacao it depends on the day where the "place to be" is. Hereby some suggestions;

    Monday Restday, Tuesday De Heeren / Omundo Zuikertuintje, Wednesday Cabana 23:00, Thursday Cafe de Tijd / Cinco, Friday Wet&Wild. , Saturday Zanzi Bar Jan Thiel, Sunday Wet&Wild Beach Club 18:00 & the Full Moon parties at Kokomo Beach.

  • restaurants

    We can recomment the next restaurants out of own experience. But you have thousands of restaurants on the island who all have there own specialties like spareribs or lobster. Some great restaurants are;

    De Gouverneur, La Terrazza Zuikertuintje, Saint Tropez, BijBlaauw, Pinchos, Karakter Coral Estate & Playa Lagun.

    When you like to try the real local krioyo food, the best place to go is in the plaza bieu in punda. It's located near the main "handelskade" street. A little bit further you find the floating market where they sell all kinds of fruits & vegetables. A little bit further that floating market you will find the plaza bieu.

  • underwater world

    The underwater world of curacao takes you to a whole different place with new colors, shapes, textures and creatures. The warm water, nutrient-rich water and a coral reef with hard and soft sponges of all shapes and colors offers a perfect habitat for many hundreds of fascinating colourful creatures. Curacao has over 357 species of fish living on a reef close to the shore in just 5-15 metres.

    You can explore this spectacular world snorkeling or diving. If your afraid of diving you can go with Aquafari. It's a new type of underwater activity where you cruise around under water on a self-propepeled, submersible scooter.

    Curacao also has an Sea Aquarium. You can see all the animals that lives underwater in Curacao. Besides that you can swim with dolphins, feed sharks, see flamingos, hold a living seastar or touch swimming stingrays. They also have dolphin ans sealion shows.