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Rent a car at low prices

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  • All-Risk Insurance

    For only 10$ per day extra you can choose for our All-Risk Insurance. This means you don't have to pay the deposit of 300$. You will be insured for all damages (except wheel or window damages). With this All-Risk Insurance you have absolutely nothing to worry about during your vacation.

    Keep in mind if an accident is caused by a traffic violation such as exceeding the permitted legal speed, driving through red light, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol etc., all rights of the accepted All-Risk Insurance will expire and the renter will be fully responsible for the whole amount of damage.

  • GPS Navigation System

    For only 30$ once for the rental period you can choose for our GPS Navigation System. The GPS Navigation System will be delivered with your rental car when you arrive at Curacao.

    The GPS Navigation system will easily guide you around Curaçao without getting lost. You can put in your own location you want to drive to. A certain restaurant or gasstation is easy to find with this navigation. We also put a lot of beautiful places and points of interest into the navigation for you so you can visit whatever fits your needs.

  • Child Seat

    For only 30$ once for the rental period you can choose for our Child Seats.

    We all know traveling with kids and carrying a lot of baggage is already heavy enough.

    Cura-Car offers save & good brands Child Seats for you so you don't have to bring your own from home.

  • Additional Drivers insurance (>2)

    The Additional Drivers Insurance costs 5$ extra per day per extra driver.

    Without this Additional drivers insurance you are only insured to drive the rental car with 2 drivers. Both drivers need to be on our rental contract wich will be filled in when your rental car is delivered. This means that only that 2 persons are insured when driving.

    If you wish that more than 2 persons are allowed to drive the rental car you have to get this Additional drivers Insurance for every extra driver >2.

  • Additional Charge Drive < 23 Years

    When the renter has not yet reached the age of 23 there is an Additional Charge of 5$ per day on top of the rent for the vehicle.

    Cura-Car has to charge this Additional fee because of the higher risk the age of the renter brings along. The renter has not yet have a lot of experience with driving a vehicle (amount of years).

    The nightlife of Curaçao also brings a lot of extra risk such as the amount of theft and burglary from the rental car while going out. Also the possibility of using alcohol and/or drugs in combination with driving the rental car is higher.

about us

Cura-Car Rental is a reliable family car rental company on Curaçao. We started since 2010 and during the years we expended our company with great succes and still going strong.

We offer different types of new cars in great condition. All cars have airconditioning and are smoke-free.

We offer an all-inclusive price package, which means that all our prices includes basic insurance, unlimited mileage, one additional driver and sales tax of 9%. What you see is what you get. There will be no unforeseen cost. No surprises.

We're located 2 minutes drive from the airport and you can reach our office by taxi.

At Cura-Car Rental you will receive the kind of quality and service you expect. Our highest priority is to satisfy our customers.